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Starting a business was always a childhood dream but for some reason, I didn’t expect to start one at a relatively young age. For some reason, I thought the best time to start a business was;

· after university

· when I have a job

· saved enough money to invest

I did not expect to start my business in my third year at university — without being employed or having a lot of seed capital.

Years before starting my business, I was a blogger. I wrote inspirational content such as quotes, articles, and…

Hey Fam! Today I will be answering a question by a community member which is “how to avoid burnout”. I thought I share this post here to hopefully help someone out — especially those who live busy lives.

I’m going to split this post into two sections;

  1. My Burnout Story
  2. Ways to Avoid Burnout

Before we dive into it, let’s first define burnout. Here is a great extract from the Help Guide;

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet…

In this quick post, I’m going to quickly answer the question “Should we do a FB Group or a FB Page for our business”.

Here is my answer: it depends on your purpose.

Before we dive in, let’s first understand the purpose of a Page and

So the purpose of a Facebook page is to display a business’
information. This could be information about a business’ services,
contact details, updates, testimonials, etc. It is technically a
business’ digital storefront. Customers usually visit the page to
learn about the business before making a decision.

On the other hand, the purpose of a Facebook group is to build a
community or…

The process of doing a task is never a smooth one
​and it can get frustrating and can become a mental burden.

Have you ever designed a promotional material or any other material for your blog and got stressed because it wasn’t the ‘best’. Or you just cannot think of any new ideas for your design? Before you reach the ‘best’ phase, you need to think about yourself first. Give yourself breaks. Don’t design for a long time. It can get overwhelming. It is best to have regular ‘design’ breaks to ensure your mind doesn’t stick to ‘working’ and pushing…

Hi everyone, thought I share my small story from last year in university.

I was in a tutorial for this unit called Organisational Learning and Development. We did a class activity.

We were asked the question if we are happy/satisfied with our jobs.

If we are happy with our jobs, we need to stand in a certain area of the classroom.

If we are not happy with our jobs, we need to stand in another area.

Everyone apart from me was standing in the ‘Not satisfied’ area.

I was the only person standing in the ‘satisfied area’.

I feel like everyone was doing a job and I was the only person running a business.

What are your thoughts on this? Why do you think doing business is more satisfactory than doing a job?

When you are earning, you are so tempted to spend it. When you start a business or start a job, you can’t continue the habit of buying unnecessary items. Let me give you a recent example. I recently brought some ‘business stationary’. I end up buying items other than stationary e.g. chocolate. If I was rational, I would not spend it at all because I know it is not absolutely essential. That’s what happens when you are emotional.

You have to save up money so that you can invest it in things that will improve and scale your business or personal life. Of course, I’m not saying you can’t occasionally buy something fancy for yourself or others but don’t do that like every day. You need to save money for your future.

You can make the impossible doable with effort and confidence.

Search up Jack Ma, one of China’s richest CEOs. What Jack Ma did may sound impossible but it was done! In reality, any goal can be achieved if we have genuine effort and confidence towards achieving that goal. This may sound cheesy but this is reality.

Nothing can be gained without striving. The good stuff is usually not free. Ignore the word ‘Can’t’ and replace it with ‘Can’. Don’t let negative thoughts swarm your mind and act as a barrier to achieve what you want in your business or life in general. We all will have obstacles but that is life. We must fight for what we want and need.

​Layout is all about arranging important aspects of a website or blog in a organised fashion.

​Most people think the content of a website is the most important aspect but other aspects such as layout should be taken in account. Imagine a website with great content but has a poor layout? If both the content and layout are prepared well, the website will be complete and appealing to visitors.

For example, placing the navigation on top of the page to ensure the visitors can easily access it. The layout of your website needs to create ease to your visitors. ​The…

Let me tell you something. Whenever there is a break, especially a school/university break — it was never utilized properly. Just a repetition of sleeping immoderately, watching TV, going on the computer, idling around — nothing meaningful. Nothing productive. Nothing helping me to get closer to success. It also reflected my level of knowledge back then.

A few months ago, after watching a live webinar by Sam Ovens — a millionaire businessman — I can tell you that I changed a fair bit (even my brother noticed). Not in appearance but the choices I make in my everyday life. …

Just like Jack Ma (one of China’s Richest CEOs) got rejected many times — so will we experience rejections. It is a life phenomena which is hard to avoid.

What inspired me to write this post was today’s rejection to a mentorship program which I applied a couple of days ago. I felt bad when I saw the email stating that I was unsuccessful but sigh, this is not the first time I got rejected for a certain opportunity. I have gone through success and failure but if you think positively, experiencing failure makes you stronger and motivates you to…



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